RaccoonPay Overview

RaccoonPay activated?

You will now have a full overview of all of your various transactions in one place!

Gain an oversight of all:

Each successfully received payment.
The various payment methods used.
Payments allocated to booking numbers.
The payment status of each transaction.


Within your payouts you can gain valuable information including:

Dates of all payouts made
Payout totals.
Payout commission totals.
Payment periods.
Downloadable report for specific / all payments.
A detailed overview of each transaction within the payout.


What is important to know for a specific payment?

See which payments have been received and which are still pending according to their payment statuses.
Easily check which payments are in risk of a reversal.


Are the specific payments with corresponding reservation numbers the same as in the payment overview?
The payments in the payment overview are indeed the same as in the general overview screen. We only show in the payout again which payments have been included in the payout, so that you know exactly which transactions you have received a payment from.

Why does it take longer for credit card transactions to be processed in the payout?
It may take longer for credit card transactions to be processed in the payout. This is because it is being verified that the transaction is legitimate. This is part of the process to prevent possible fraud. It can therefore take up to 11 days before a credit card transaction is processed. IDEAL payments are processed immediately and are always included in the next payment.

What is a reversal risk?
When a credit card is charged in the reservation, the guest has not directly agreed to the payment. The guest therefore always retains the right to a refund of the amount, whereby there must be a clear reason for the refund. In most cases this will not happen, as the facilities and their costs have been used. The guest will therefore agree to the card being charged.
Important:_ When pre-authorising, charging the card or sending a payment request there is no chargeback risk. This can also be seen by the fact that there is no behind the reversal risk or chargeback.

Should I charge a card with a chargeback risk?
We recommend that RaccoonPay always works with payment requests, card machine payments or prepayments, because there is a risk that stored credit cards cannot be charged. These forms of payment are all covered by 3D secure, so there is no possibility of a refund.

Good To Know!

Do you have a stored credit card but would still like someone to pay at the Online Check-In? Then set up payments at the Online Check-In in the Booking Engine settings, remove the saved card from the reservation and let the guest check-in online. The amount is then paid as prepayment, via a 3D Secure payment.
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