RaccoonPay Card Machine

Besides the incredible benefits of having RaccoonPay within your PMS, RoomRaccoon offers a fully integrated RaccoonPay card machine. You can now charge all outstanding payments directly via your RaccoonPay card machine from your reception desk!

The Great Benefits of Making Transactions With The RaccoonPay Card Machine

Fully integrated payments: All payments are directly linked to your RoomRaccoon system and can be easily viewed within your RaccoonPay overview.
Saves valuable time: You no longer have to work with different systems or manually input data. RaccoonPay makes sure that everything concerning payments is processed within one system and dashboard, but most importantly you no longer have to link reservations, making manual errors a thing of the past.
Refunds made easy: Do you need to refund a guest or return a deposit? With RaccoonPay you can easily make part or full payment refunds to your guests.
Cost efficient: The monthly subscription fee is lower than standard card machine fees since no other transaction fees are involved except for the RaccoonPay transaction fees.

Good To Know!

Connection Fee: There is no one-off connection fee and you can easily request a card machine during your RaccoonPay onboarding.

Subscription fee: We charge £40 per month for its use, without any additional costs. This means you pay less than you do with a normal bank as well as benefiting from 50% discount during your first 3 months of use! Also, you can get the card machine as an upgrade within the new subscription tiers. See what it can do for your business!

Subscription period: The subscription lasts for a minimum of one year, with a guaranteed free replacement in case you encounter issues during normal use of the machine. The 'plug & play' service makes it easy to connect the device. Of course, it is possible to print receipts. You can also extend your subscription after one year at the same monthly rates.

Transaction costs: The transaction costs per payment are exactly the same as the transaction costs for an online payment with RaccoonPay.

Activate RaccoonPay now! and order one or more RaccoonPay Card Machines during your onboarding!

Once your onboarding process has been completed, you will receive an immediate confirmation!
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