Revenue Reports:
Would you like more insight on the ADR and RevPAR of your accommodation? With our new revenue reports you can have a good overview of how your accommodation is performing at a glance!

Reservations that automatically close another room on the same day:
Do you have two separate rooms that form a family room together? You can have these automatically close together when a reservation is made for one of the rooms! This was already possible in the system, but we have now made managing these reservations even easier!

Manage your content in RoomRaccoon:
Want to make an adjustment for your accommodation in RoomRaccoon? You can now manage your content from!

Keep track of booked add-ons with an inventory:
Have you ever accidentally sold an extra bed or cot that was no longer available? With the inventory of the add-ons you can easily see how many extra beds or cots you have left for that day!

QR-Code on the invoice:
Perhaps you have already heard from the government? From January 1, 2021, it is mandatory for all accommodations in Portugal and Croatia to have a QR code on the invoice. From that moment on, all invoices will be created with this QR code on the invoice!


Salto Locks:
An intelligent key system. With Salto Locks you can easily create roomkey codes from RoomRaccoon.

Limtech ADEL lock:
Is your accommodation located in South Africa ? With the intelligent key system, Limtech ADEL lock, you can create door codes from RoomRaccoon!

Does your accommodation also have a restaurant and do you work with Gastrofix? Request the link now so that guests can have their restaurant bill booked in the room!

Is your accommodation located in Germany , Austria or Switzerland ? Then connect your restaurant POS system [Gastronovi] ( to RoomRaccoon!
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