Change arrival time for check-in
Now, you can customise the time of arrival for your guests. Yaay! Go to your booking engine settings and select your check-in time.

Preview the invoice
Before you create or split invoices you are now able to preview your invoice. This will help prevent mistakes before finalising an invoice!

Overbooking feature
This feature may not be for everyone, but it was a popular request from larger hotels. You can now overbook your hotel on purpose. The overbooking feature comes with our RaccoonRev package.

Choose a fallback language for the automatic documents
RoomRaccoon does try to automatically match the right language of the guest based on the country they live in. But which language should RoomRaccoon use in the event that the match cannot be made? Think, for example, about countries with multiple languages. Well, now you can setup a 'fallback' language in your settings. Do you welcome a lot of international guests? Then we advise you to set the fallback language to English.

Adjust the content of documents before sending it manually
Would you like to add some additional information to your documents before sending it to your guest? Sure! Now you can now adjust the custom content in a document by clicking on the preview of the document. You might notice that next to the drop-down of the document selection, the envelope icon has been replaced by a little paper plane. Use it to preview your document, change the content and send it to your guest!

Set tourist tax per period/ per room type
Will your city tax change by the beginning of the next year or do you have to deal with seasonal city tax rates? Maybe you manage several apartments in different cities where different city tax rates apply? Well, you will love this new feature! You can now schedule multiple city tax rules in your account settings. You can do this per period and even room type.

Currency converter
Enhance the booking experience of your guest and thereby increase your amount of direct bookings. We have added a currency converter to your booking engine. Your guests will still book and pay in your currency, but they can convert the rates easily to view them in their own currency.

Hide, make visible or require guest information fields
Do you not have a need for all the guest information fields that RoomRaccoon offers and do you find them to take up unwanted space in your reservations page? No problem. Now you can choose which details you want your guests to fill in during the online check-in and which fields will show in your reservation.


RemoteLock is a great key system. With the integration, you can manage the guest access from anywhere you want.

Save costs, time and mistakes on your bookkeeping now with the integration with accountancy software Unit4.
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