What's new button
Always up to date with the latest developments within the system? When there is a new update in the system the what's new button on the left side will ring. This way you can read all new functions directly from the system. You can also easily read updates from the past.

Archive rooms
You never know what might happen. You can suddenly decide to rent out lesser rooms due to renovations. Or perhaps you have decided to turn some rooms into conference rooms instead. You can now archive rooms so they also disappear from your calendar. This will keep your agenda clear and tidy.

Credit card vault
If you are not able to work with RaccoonPay, we offer a credit card solution called the credit card vault. The vault will still support the storing of credit card details in RoomRaccoon without RaccoonPay.

Employee login for multiple properties
Some properties have more than one property, and their employees work in both accommodations. You can now easily create a employee login for multiple properties

Manage your property details
Because every property is different we changed the name 'roomtypes' and the lay out to property details. Instead of all of the information in the same page we split this per category so you can easily see if you are missing information.

Restricted changes in OTA bookings
We restricted to make certain changes to OTA bookings. The reason for this is because information is stored in the Extranet of the channel too. So if information is updated on that side, it overrides the reservation in RoomRaccoon, including any changes you may have made to the reservation in RoomRaccoon.

Upload more photos to your booking engine
You can now upload up to 25 photos to your booking engine. Go find your best photos of your property and upload them directly to give your guests a good impression.


Receive more bookings via the direct connection Ctrip, the booking channel of Asia for travels all over the world!

RoomRaccoon and GuestTalk have partnered up! Our customers can now connect with this guest communication tool. GuestTalk offers multi-channel guest and staff messaging with automated SMS updates. In this way hoteliers can still deliver outstanding guest services and keep a safe distance. For more information visit their website or contact us.
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