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Prepaid Invoices

Often when guests make a prepayment or partial payment for their reservation they may want an invoice that includes an invoice number. Here we explain just how to do that.

Click on the reservation in question within your Calendar and scrolling down to your Documents.

Click on the document icon with the plus sign.

A new page will open where you will see each item pertaining to the reservation.

Select the items in the list and enter the amount or percentage you require payment for. If you choose to enter a percentage the amount to the right will automatically adjust.

If you scroll further down you will see the invoice.

You can also change the name of the room and the rate by clicking on the pencil next to the name of the guest.

If you have everything on it, then click on Create invoice in the top right corner of the screen.

Once the guest or company has paid for the part amount, you can add the payment to that invoice in order to keep your administration in order.

You can do this by clicking on the invoice icon while adding a payment and selecting the invoice for which the payment is linked to.

Good To Know!

A part payment can be invoiced on the name of the main booker for example and the other elements can be invoiced on a new invoice in the name of someone else. Find out how here.

To make things easier for yourself, a notification can be set for each reservation, sending you a reminder on a set day. A reminder can be set for the date on which the payment should be received. On the day of the reminder, a pop-up will appear with the set notification. The call where this notification can be set can be found in the corresponding reservation just above the check-in and check-out date.
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