Hoteliers prefer to adjust rates during the different seasons of the year.  This can be done in the channel manager and in this article, we will explain how to do so:

Click on the Availability & Rates icon on the left side of your screen.

On your lefthand side you will be able to see all of your room types, followed by the rate types underneath. You are able to filter through specific room types or you can select all room types if you wish to view all of them.

Next to the room type name you will see a little pencil icon. Clicking on this pencil will allow you to perform a bulk change to your rates for that room type.

Once you have clicked on the pencil, the manage rates screen will pop up:

Here, you can update your rates at once. Select the period of time you want to preform the update for. Then select the days and the rates you wish to update. You are able to add minimum and maximum stays and this is also where you will be given the option to mark certain rates as closed for check-in/check-out.
As the last step, click on synchronize at the bottom right to update your rates and availability to all of your connected channels!

Bulk action for the whole accommodation:

Click on the Availability & Rates icon and then click on the pencil icon next to the selection for your room types:

Select the period for which you want to carry out the rate change (think of a high season or low season)
Select which days the rate change is applicable for (for example, only during the weekend).
Then you are able to add a surcharge or a discount, you can choose make this change as a percentage(%) or an amount €. (Please note, you do not adjust the whole price; you are adding or subtracting an amount/percentage from it)
Select a minimum and maximum stay restriction to your rates if applicable.
Select if you would like to mark the check-in and check-out as closed.
Select which room types you want to perform the bulk promotion on, by clicking on the dropdown menu you can also exclude some rate types.

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