Revenue and Occupancy per Category

To better optimise your occupancy and revenue you can find out how much each of your categories generate as well as how often each is occupied during specific times.

Keep in mind that these figures are based on the stay dates and not your tax invoiced revenue.

Perhaps one category generates more than others and you want to plan whether to offer guests room upgrades or perhaps upsell your rooms? Here's how:

Click on the Reports icon in the left hand column which will take you to the Performance Tab

Enter the start date and choose either Month / Year / Quarterly

If you have a specific time you would like to check:

Select Other and enter an end date, this will give you a report from your start date to and including your end date.

Scroll down until you reach your revenue per category and occupancy per category.

Your Revenue per Category displays the amount each of your categories generate and their correlating VAT%. This ties into the Occupancy per Category section next to it which outlines your occupancy rates per night, per room and at what percentage they are filled.

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