How to Check Your Reservations per Country?

By regularly checking which nationalities your hotel attracts you gain valuable insights into what countries you want to market to and gain broader traction from.

For example, if you notice most of your guests come from France but not many from Spain you can look into which Spanish booking channels are worth advertising on.

In the Reservations per Country section you will see how many nights were occupied by guests and their specific country of origin. To locate this:

Click on the Reports icon in the left hand column which will take you to the Performance Tab.
Enter the start date and choose either Month / Year / Quarterly.
If you have a specific time you would like to check: Select Other and enter an end date, this will give you a report from your start date to and including your end date.
Click the download button to produce the Excel report.

In some countries it is a government requirement to deliver the origin of your guests for city tax purposes. The Excel Report displays all of the information entered from your reservation, this should include:

Reservation number & status
Check-in and check-out date
Number of nights
Age and date of birth
Email & address
Identification type and number

For details on how to set up City Tax click here


To avoid accumulating too many guests in the Unknown / Default field, under Reservations per country, be sure to include which country your guests are from in their reservation details.

It’s also worth noting it is only the guest whose details are entered into the reservation that will be assigned a country, you can always add a guest's details by clicking the Add a guest icon, this will further decrease the amount of guests in the Unknown field.

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