Reservation Performances and Insights

By checking the performance of your reservations you can get an overall understanding of:

The number of nights that were booked during a specific time period.
How many guests stayed during a specific time.
The average length of stay over that period.
How much they paid on average per night.

What’s great about this feature is that you can compare your current performance rates with previous months and years, easily track your progress and implement future planning. For example, if you feel you want to increase your average length of stay, you might consider working with your restrictions.

To check your reservation insights and compare your progress over time:

Click on the Reports icon in the left hand column which will take you to the Performance Tab

Enter the start date and choose either Month / Year / Quarterly

If you have a specific time you would like to check: Select Other and enter an end date, this will give you a report from your start date to and including your end date.

To download an Excel report click the Download button.

To compare these statistics to a previous month or year click the drop down menu labeled Compare With at the top of the page.
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