Performance Reports

A fast and effective way of capturing an overview of how your business is performing by creating management reports and understanding your various sources of revenue.

Performance reports are managerial overviews of how your business is performing. The purpose of these are to offer you as a hotelier an overview of what revenue you have theoretically converted in a certain period.

Your reports provide key figures on how much revenue has been generated for the dates you select. Meaning you can choose a period between 15 July - 15 Aug. Unlike the financial or accounting reports, the performance reports show the revenue on the day it was theoretically generated, not when the revenue was invoiced or paid.

Example: If you have a reservation that runs from 20 January to 10 February this reservation will take place in 2 months. It may be that the guest paid on 10 February, with the accounting turnover falling in February. By contrast, the sales consumed fall in both January and February. RoomRaccoon will therefore neatly split the turnover between both months and will report the part of the turnover that will be shown in January when you search in January. The overview therefore shows what you have earned in theory during the relevant period. However, it is possible that this turnover actually comes in within a different month / period. The same applies to all data (tourist tax etc) reflected in this report.

The data is deliberately not printable, because you cannot use these reports for accounting purposes.

Therefore it does not serve for bookkeeping or accounting purposes but for understanding and planning marketing strategies, tracking your progress and sharing with your stakeholders and department heads.

The Performance reports are divided into various sections:

Booking Channels: This area shows how your booking channels have been performing in relation to each other, use this to easily compare which channels perform at a higher rate than others, as well as what percentage of revenue they generate.

Reservations per Country: Where your guests come from and to the right of it figures reflecting the stays per person and the your guests per country. This is a great tool for formalising marketing campaigns based on how your international market is performing.

Occupancy Rate: Shows how many guests have stayed during your chosen time period. Use this to predict your busy periods and anticipate ideal times for specials or rate increases.

Revenue from Add-Ons: Accurately reflects how much revenue you generate from each of the different Add-Ons you offer.

Revenue and Occupancy per Category: for specific room types and the amount of tax each type requires as well as the occupancy levels per room type, to give you specific values based on the occupancy rates.

Key Revenue Figures: Provides an oversight of your gross total revenue during your chosen time period, divided into key figures. This is an excellent tool for checking what effect your Vat / city tax and discounts or add ons has on your room revenue.
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