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Performance Reports: Booking Channel

Performance Reports: Booking Channel

The Booking Channel Charts give you an insight into where your reservations come from and when your accommodation is operating at its peak. These tools are excellent for managing your pricing as well as your staff numbers.

Use these statistics to compare which channels are making up majority of your bookings and you can compare these figures against previous months or years.

How to find the Booking Channel Report

Click on the Reports icon in the left hand column which will take you to the Performance Tab

Enter the start date and choose either the period which could be either monthly, yearly or quarterly.

If you have a specific time you would like to check: Select “Other” on period and enter an end date on “up to and including”, this will give you a report from your start date to your end date.

If you hover on each channel on the booking it will give you the total number of bookings as well as the percentage in term of total bookings.

Good to know

You can then compare these booking channel performance rates to previous months or the previous year by selecting your option from the “Compare With” drop down box at the top.

Updated on: 28/02/2022

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