Performance Report: Occupancy Rate

The occupancy graph is visible in your reports overview where you are able to see weekly occupancy as a percentage.

How to find the Occupancy Report

Click on the Reports icon in the left-hand column which will take you to the Performance Tab

Enter the start date and choose either the period which could be either monthly, yearly or quarterly.

If you have a specific time you would like to check: Select Other and enter an end date, this will give you a report from your start date to your end date

See your occupancy graph

Hover on the graph to see more details of daily/weekly occupancy depending on whether you want to see a daily, weekly or monthly view.

Good to know

You can then compare these performance rates to previous months or the previous year by selecting your option from the “Compare With” drop-down box at the top.

Click here for more on how to compare occupancy reports.
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