Payment Lock on Screen

On RoomRaccoon you may see a lock on your payments screen and this is to notify you that (if you are integrated with a payment service provider) there is no credit card or email of the booker missing. There will also be a lock present if you are not integrated with a payment service provider, this is to show you how it could possibly look should you be integrated.

When the payment section is locked it is because you are integrated with a Payment Service Provider (PSP) which allows you to send payment requests and charge credit cards. Without a credit card or email, this can trigger the lock on payments.

How to add an email address and credit card to a guest’s profile

To add the booker's email address

Access the guest history tab.

Find the guest name and click the edit button (pencil icon) or search the pre-added guest name.

In the “Edit booker” section there’s an email address field. Enter the guest’s email address here.

Add the credit card details in the “Credit Card Details” section.

Click Save.

Good to know

If you have an integrated Payment Service Provider (PSP) your payments may be locked due to the booker not having an email address.

The email you add here is the email that will be used to send a payment request.
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