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Mandatory Guest Fields in the Online Check-in

In our efforts to make sure that our product is better optimised for you and your guests we have streamlined the guest mandatory fields section with our latest update. You can now just require the main guest to fill in this section when checking in online.

If you have 6 guests checking in to your property you might want to request information from the main guest only or you might need more information from all 6 guests - in some instances you might want to have a hybrid of both. RoomRaccoon allows you to choose which information you need according to your preferences on guest data in the online check-in.

How to set this up

Navigate to the account settings by clicking the orange gear icon on the bottom left of the screen

Scroll down to the guest data section

You may now choose which fields you would like all your guests to fill or which ones you’d like the main guest to fill.

Click Save

Good to know

This is pre-set in our new update (21.6) and does not need to be activated.

You may choose to hide guest fields that you do not need for the online check-in or booking.
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