Different ways of managing your rates

Hoteliers often adjust rates based on events, seasons or weekends.  This can be done in the Rates and Availability screen via multiple different ways. What these are, is explained in this article. First thing is to navigate to the Rates and Availability screen by clicking on the second to last icon on your left hand side.

Updating a singular rate for a singular day

This screen shows you all your rates per room type and per rate type which is also communicated to your channels. If you want to change a specific rate within a specific room you can simply click on that rate and adjust it. Easy!

Updating a few rates in a specific room type

Choose the room type you want to adjust and click on the pencil behind the name. The managing rates screen will open. In this screen, you select the periode at the top followed by the days that you want to have the change for. So if you only want to up your weekend rates, you only select the Friday and Saturday. Then, you select the rates that you want to update. You can also only update the restrictions if you like. Click synchronise to update.

Bulk action for the whole accommodation:

Click on the Availability & Rates icon and then click on the pencil icon next to the selection for your room types:

Select the period for which you want to carry out the rate change (think of a high season or low season)
Select which days the rate change is applicable for (for example, only during the weekend).
Then you are able to add a surcharge or a discount, you can choose make this change as a percentage(%) or an amount €. (Please note, you do not adjust the whole price; you are adding or subtracting an amount/percentage from it)
Select a minimum and maximum stay restriction to your rates if applicable.
Select if you would like to mark the check-in and check-out as closed.
Select which room types you want to perform the bulk promotion on, by clicking on the dropdown menu you can also exclude some rate types.

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