Early Departures

If in the event your guests decide to leave early and you want to make the room available again, you can, after charging the OTA or booker / guest. This process also works for bookings that have been cancelled.

OTA Bookings:

After charging the OTA simply go to the reservation in your calendar
Select and hold the reservation and move it to a grey room.

Shortening stay times and adjusting prices.

Booking Engine and manual reservations can be shortened by:

Clicking on the reservation in your agenda.
Go to the date section within the reservation.

Here you can change the departure date to the day the guest plans on leaving.
Click save.
The price will automatically be adjusted according to the stay dates.

Cancel a Reservation.

Within the date section you can also select cancelled from the status drop down menu.

Change the Guest’s Room Within The Reservation.

You can also change a guest's room from the guest details section.

Once you have changed the room you will be prompted to choose a new rate plan.

Click Save.

Good To Know!

Keep in mind that when you drag to change a room within your agenda and the reservation turns out not to be cancelled, you open yourself up to the possibility of overbooking the room.

We would advise you to always ask the channel to send you a confirmation of the cancellation on forehand so you don't end up with two bookings!
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