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Managing All of Your Payments in Roomraccoon

What is RaccoonPay?

RaccoonPay is a fully integrated payment system within your Hotel Management System that allows you to handle payments with your guests safely and quickly. With 3D Secure payments, RaccoonPay works with the most secured way of handling payments, being also PCI compliant. In terms of regulations, the RaccoonPay onboarding process assures the accommodation to be GDPR compliant, which is necessary to handle guest data in any form.

RaccoonPay offers various payment options within RoomRaccoon, with payment preferences you can set up yourself. Multiple payment options can be implemented within your pre- and post stay documents to offer the best guest experience. Next to that, RaccoonPay offers blended rates in order to know exactly what you pay for each transaction.

How can I use it?

Prepayments With a prepayment you can easily let your guests make a deposit - from 10% to 100% when they make a booking via the Booking Engine.

Credit cards charge The credit card details are safely stored in collaboration with our payment provider and you (or your staff) only have to press the 'charge credit card' button to collect the (partial) amount.

Pre-authorize Authorizing a credit card means that you can reserve an amount on the guest's credit card. Please note: when authorising, you can hold the amount for a maximum of 3 days.

Refund Do you want to refund an amount, because you asked for a deposit? RaccoonPay let you run refunds within the payment detail. By clicking on the payment in the payment overview, it is possible to refund the full or partial amount. Click on the 'refund' button and the amount will be refunded.

Send linked documents

Send payment request Send a payment request to your guests where they can easily pay with credit card or a preferred domestic payment method.

Send payment reminder Is an invoice overdue? Send payment reminders easily via the debtor report!

Payment confirmation Has the payment been made? The guest automatically receives a payment confirmation!

Are the costs involved?

With RaccoonPay you only pay for each transaction, without any monthly subscription fees. We offer blended rates to be transparent in what you need to pay. It doesn't matter whether you charge a consumer Visa credit card or a corporate American express credit card, we always charge the card on a 1.6% for European cards and 3.1% for non-European cards.

iDEAL/Maestro POS/V-pay POS: 0.2% + €0.29
Giropay & Bancontact: 1.6% + €0.25
European cards VISA/Mastercard/Amex: 1.6% + €0.25
Non-European cards VISA/Mastercard/Amex: 3.1% + €0.25
Virtual Credit Cards: 3.1% + €0.25
€0,- One-time start-up fee & €0.- subscription fee

Discover the RaccoonPay card machine!

With RaccoonPay it is now also possible to work with a RaccoonPay card machine. The fixed transaction costs per payment are the same as the blended rates that we use online! Need more information?

Good To Know!

Multiple payment solutions offer transaction costs based on Interchange ++ pricing models. Be aware of a lot of unforeseen costs for expensive business cards. Still in doubt if RaccoonPay is the best option? Show us the current pricing proposal, so we can show you how transaction fees are calculated!

RaccoonPay creates the option to stay away from OTA bookings. Disable prepayments on your OTA channels and ask for prepayments in the booking engine. Move away from reservation commissions, so you don't doubt about 1 or 2% on your transactions fees, but save up to 15% commission on your total booking!

Updated on: 19/10/2022

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