Visibility of Room Prices in the Booking Engine.

Keep your booking engine rates neat, clear and organised by only displaying the ones necessary to your guests. Otherwise, the rates specifically for or Expedia can show up as between the normal prices in the booking engine and that can be confusing for potential guests.

Your OTA rates should always take into consideration the commission costs charged by the external channel.

Within RoomRaccoon you can easily check in the system if you want a room price visible in the Booking Engine.
If you want a specific room rate to be shown, go to your Property Set Up

Click on the rate name.

Scroll down to the bottom and choose an option from the Booking engine drop down menu.

Good To Know!

Make sure your OTA rates are not visible on your booking engine, so that guests don’t get confused.
You can learn how to create separate rates for your OTA’s here.
Creating different rate types for your booking channels is the best way to compensate for the commission costs, allowing you to increase the room rate when a booking is made via an online travel agency (OTA).
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