Lightspeed K-Series

Meet Lightspeed Restaurant K-Series POS, expertly designed for The Hospitality Industry.

The Lightspeed Restaurant K Series POS System isn’t just a tool, it’s an extension of your business in the hospitality industry. What makes it even better is that RoomRaccoon and Lightspeed K-Series have built a state of the art integration to allow for a two-way connection between your Restaurant and RoomRaccoon.

What To Expect From The Integration?

When you utilize the Lightspeed K-Series POS in conjunction with RoomRaccoon’s Hotel Management Software, you are able to ring up your guest’s sales when they visit your restaurant or bar and automatically transfer them to their specific reservation, your guest can then pay for the entire bill when they check-out, simplifying the process and also contributing to a safe contactless stay!

Here’s How To Get Started

To integrate with RoomRaccoon you will need to login to your iKentoo Console and send us your business location ID which you can easily find in the top right-hand side of your console when logged in. Once you have the ID send it to us!
In the meantime, we will request that you add some payment ledgers, of which we will guide you on how to do so.
You can then add your basic ledgers in RoomRaccoon, eg: Food, Beverages, Alcoholic, Non Alcoholic Beverages...
We will complete the integration on our end, and you will be fully integrated and up and running in no time.

Good to know!

This integration is considered an upgrade based on our tiered pricing structure
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