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I want to go live with my account, what do I need to do for this?

Have you gone through all the steps to set up your account and can you check off all the points in the checklist?

Awesome, then we can connect!

The connection process can be very fast and easy if everything is well organised and arranged. During the connection process we are also a bit dependent on third parties and also on the hotelier themselves. 

Important to know:

Your extranets from your external channels (such as Booking, Expedia, etc.) must be the same as your RoomRaccoon. If you have 5 room types in RoomRaccoon, this is should also be the case in your extranet. If you offer Non Refundable rates on your external channels, these should also be added in RoomRaccoon.
The connection with Booking requires a few specific changes that only a Booking employee can make. We will always indicate what changes are needed to make the connection active with this channel however we have no influence on the speed at which the channel makes these changes.
If you have special names for your room types such as the garden room, or the yellow room, please tell us which room type belongs to which room type in the channel so we can be prepared.
Ask for a connection request at all your channels in order for us to prepare your settings.

In order to have all the correct information, we ask you to fill in the form below. When we have received this form we will contact you for further steps. 

PLEASE NOTE: In the document below you will be asked to set a date to go live. This must be filled in otherwise we do not know when the account can go live. 

Let's get connected!

Updated on: 12/04/2021

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