I Made a Mistake in Issuing an Invoice - What Should I Do?

If you have made an error on the invoice you cannot cancel an invoice but you can create a credit note. Check what to do based on the invoice status.

If the invoice has been approved, you can issue a credit note and cancel the invoice accordingly.

If the invoice is rejected, check the solution and resubmit it for approval. Then issue the credit note.

If it is being approved by the ES , you must wait for the response from the ES and then act on the basis of the status with the previous solutions.

If the status is "invalid" it means that the invoice has not yet been sent to the ES and therefore by not modifying any data it will not be sent. The only note is that the numerical "hole" will remain in the tax drawer, which however has no consequence because with electronic invoicing, consequentiality in the number of invoices is not required.
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