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How to Use Yield Management

How to Use Yield Management

RoomRaccoon offers the possibility to let prices fluctuate based on availability and lead time. For example, you can set up a last-minute deal for bookings that are made 3 days before arrival to have a discount or increase in price. You can set yield rules by clicking on the rates & availability overview on the left hand side of the screen and by opening the yield tab.

How to set up a Yield rule

Open the yield tab in the rates & availability overview.

Click on + rule on the top right side.

Give your rule a name, for example last-minute deal.

Select at what percentage of availability you want to perform the action at. You can allow the Yield rule to adjust the rates if for example, there are between 50% and 100% of the rooms still available.

Choose whether you want this to apply to the availability of a category or the overall availability of your accommodation.

Select what discount or surcharge you would like to apply in this scenario.

Select if you would like this rule to apply to your whole accommodation, to specific room types or to specific rates.

If applicable, select specific days of the week or months when this yield rule should be applied. You can also set up a start date and an end date.

Good to know

Rates that are affected by Yield are given a light blue colour.

Click here for more on how to implement a Stop-Sell using Yield.

Updated on: 20/07/2022

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