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How to Use Yield Management

RoomRaccoon allows for automatic price adjustments based on lead times and how many rooms you have available.

For example: You can create a rate that includes a discount or increase for 3 days prior to an arrival. This is a great tool for last minute deals or increases during peak periods.

You can set Yield Rules by selecting the Rates & Availability icon in the left column of your screen and clicking the Yield Management tab at the top.

How to Set up a Yield Rule

Open the Yield Management tab in the Rates & Availability overview.
Click on the green + RULE button on the top right hand side of your screen.
Give your rule a name, for example: Last-Minute Deal.
Select at what percentage of availability you want to perform the action at. You can allow the Yield rule to adjust the rates if for example, there are between 50% and 100% of the rooms still available.
Choose whether you want this to apply to the availability of a category or the overall availability of your accommodation.
You can also select specific room types and rates by clicking on the categories to the right.

Choose how many days or weeks you want the discount / increase to apply for, prior to check-in.

Choose how much of an increase or discount you want to implement. (See below for details on how to use the stop sell feature)

If applicable (This section will apply if you are implementing the Stop-Sell feature) you can select which days / months you would like the rule to be active for, or input your own time period into the start and end date blocks.

How to Implement a Stop-Sell Using Yield

The Stop-Sell feature allows you to activate or stop certain rates during specific times

You may want to use this for non-refundable rates that have to be booked within a certain lead time or a special offer you want deactivated if a large proportion of your rooms become booked.

For example: If you want to offer the package "summer special" for only July and August, you can set it up like this:

Give your yield rule a name.
Set the availability between 0% and 100%
Select 1 to 52 weeks prior to check-in.
Tick the box Stop-Sell.
Select all days.
Select all of the months EXCEPT July and August.
Then select which rate you want to apply the yield rule to.
Click the save button.

Good to Know

Rates that are affected by a Yield Rule are given a light blue colour.


I have created and activated my Yield rules but cannot see them.
Yield will only become active once there has been a change in the availability. You can manipulate this by creating your own reservation in the calendar and cancelling it.

I want to adjust the rates for a specific day or period but I don't want Yield to adjust the rates back again afterwards. Is this possible?
Yes, you can! By performing a bulk action on your entire accommodation. There is an option to make the rate 'Overridable by Yield'. If you tick this option Yield will override the price, if you keep it unticked the price will not change.

What kind of rules can I make?
If you don't have any Yield rules activated yet, we have some you can use immediately!

There's an exclamation mark on my rates in Yield, what does it mean?
This means that you have multiple Yield rules active that are conflicting with each other. Check your Yield rules and make sure that they are not clashing within a period or occupancy.
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