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How to use the maintenance in the Housekeeping list

How to use the maintenance in the Housekeeping list

RoomRaccoon’s housekeeping list has a maintenance tool to keep you abreast of any maintenance issues. This allows you to add maintenance issues and track how far they are from being resolved.

Access the maintenance overview by clicking on the maintenance tab.

To add an issue

Click on “Add new”.

Give the issue a name and you can also add photos for the person in maintenance to have a preview of the issue.

Add who the issue is requested by. This can be assigned to any member of your team.

Add a due date, assign the issue (usually to someone in maintenance), add the room number and level of priority (low, medium and high)

You can add any extra notes for the maintenance team.

Once you’ve added your issue, click on save and it will be added to the list of maintenance issue in your overview.

Good to know

You can sort your maintenance list view by the status by clicking on “sort” at the top of the maintenance overview.

For more on how to add team members, click here.

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Updated on: 14/04/2022

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