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How to Use the Cash Drawer Report in the Front Desk?

Our Cash drawer/register facility is one way we ensure that you maintain transparency and accountability of funds in your front desk operations.

In this article, we discuss a basic SOP of the cash drawer report and how you can implement this at your front desk to make it easier for your staff to record and report on all payments.

The Cash Drawer Standard Operation Procedure (SOP)

Open the Cash Drawer in the morning with an opening float amount. In this case, the Marilyn Hotel starts off the day with €500. This amount is the total cash in the drawer (In this case there’s nothing in the drawer) + Withdrawal from the Vault (€500) giving a total of €500 at the opening.

During the course of the day, cash payments come through the cash drawer from reservations. Strictly cash payments are recorded here.

At the end of the day, you will close payments for the day by clicking “close cash drawer”. Here you will enter all the total cash in the drawer at the time of closing. You might want to deposit money to your vault so that you don’t have a lot of money on your premises for security reasons.

Click deposit to Vault and the amount you’d like to deposit. As seen above a deposit of 800 has been made to the vault. On the next day, the opening amount will be £104 in the float.

At the end of the shift manager on duty may calculate float with one of the front desk operators to ensure that funds reflected on the system are indeed funds in the drawer and sign this off - This step may be done before clicking “close cash drawer”.


Now that you have a collection of all payments made on the day, you may reconcile these cash payments with your total payments.

On the reports section, you see each payment for the day and the cash payments made by cash need to balance with the payments made on the day.

If the amount counted is different to the amount entered into the “Total” field the system will notify you and indicate this in the "Difference" column.

Good to know

If you want to have a fixed amount in the register you may withdraw or deposit money to and from the vault accordingly.
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