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How to Use Forecast on Housekeeping

How to Use Forecast on Housekeeping

The forecast is an overview that has been integrated into the system for peak organisation, high functionality and enhancement of the housekeeping feature in RoomRaccoon. This allows you to see how many guests will be checking into your property on a selected day.

To access the forecast, click on the Raccoonhousekeeping tab on your reservations. The forecast will be displayed in your overview on the right end of the screen.

Hover on a day to see expected check-ins, check-outs and stay overs.

Good to know

The darker green bar indicates the day you have selected.

RaccoonHousekeeping will account for one upgrade slot. See more on our updated pricing policy.

For more on the RoomRaccoon housekeeping overview, click here.

Updated on: 26/09/2022

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