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How To Use Discount Codes Wisely

Everyone loves a good deal. A smart booker will go through all the channels to scout for the best deals on offer. Reward guests who book directly through your booking engine by creating discount codes.

Tips On How To Handle Discount Codes Smartly!

Implement a pop-up on your website where the code is visible and directly links to your RoomRaccoon booking engine. Add the discount code to your booking engine link and let people book through the link to directly get the discount.
Send the post-departure mail to thank your guests for their stay and include the code so that they get a discount on their next stay.
Is the low season coming? Send a discount code in a mass mailing to all your contacts (you can export this info in your booker overview). In a mass mailing, you can use a bulk action to send an e-mail to all your contacts. There are several companies that can take care of this for you. Make sure that the offer only applies in the low season.
If you want to give a one-time discount to a guest, for example, to accommodate the guest in case of a complaint, you can also set the code for one-time use.

Easily Create Your Own Discount Code

Click the orange settings gear and navigate to the Booking Engine Tab

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the discount codes section.

Give your discount code a name.

Choose to discount in currency or percentage.

Define whether this code can be used multiple times or just once.

Enter the booking dates you want the discount code to be valid from and to.

If you do not wish to enter booking dates valid from and to you can then enter the date at which the discount code simply expires and leave the booking date section blank.

You can now implement the code within mailings or documents.
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