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How to Use Bulk Sync

A bulk synchronisation is one way RoomRaccoon allows you to automate a number of actions in your rates and availability. You can increase or decrease rates for given periods with parameters on price value/percentage with different restrictions.

Example: you would like to increase rates by 10% every Friday between 17 January 2022 and 17 January 2023 on bookings with a minimum of 2 nights per stay.

How to set up and synchronise a bulk action

In your rates and availability overview click on the pencil icon next to the selection for all categories:

Enter the period you want the bulk sync to apply for. Select which days the rate change is applicable for (in this case every Friday).

Add a surcharge or discount (a percentage % or an amount). For discounts put a minus sign before the value. Click on “Overridable by yield” if you want the yield rules to take precedence over your bulk action.

Select a minimum and maximum stay restriction.

Select which room types you want to perform the bulk action on, by clicking on the dropdown menu you can also exclude some rate types e.g. if you want this to apply to rates from OTA’s you may select to either include or exclude these.

On the right hand side of the screen there is a summary of bulk action to be synchronized. Review this and click synchronise when you are done.

Good to know

When making adjustments on the price, you are not adjusting the whole price, you are adding or subtracting an amount or percentage to it.

When the system blocks you it means you have tried doing a number of Bulk Synchronisations at once in a short period. For more on getting blocked due to bulk synchronisation, click here.

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