How to Upsell an Add-On in the Online Check-In

Once your add-ons have been included to your online check-in guests can select them by checking in via a link. You must add this link to either your pre stay email or confirmation email. Find out how to set up a pre stay email that includes an online check in link here.

Setting Up Add-Ons in the Online Check-In

Select the Property Set-Up icon at the top left of your screen and click on the Add-ons tab.
Select the add-on you would like to offer at your online check-in.
Add an enticing description that will encourage your guests to book the extra service or product.
If you want to apply a discount to an add-on during the online check-in, add the amount (including the discount) to the Online Check-in Price field.

Select the Upsell option on the right hand side of your screen and enter the amount of that specific add-on (in stock) in the inventory field. For example if you only have 6 bicycles. You can also limit the amount you offer by entering the value into the Limit field.

Click Save.

Then select the Category Tab and click on Manage Details for the room you want to feature add-ons for at the online check-in.

Select Add-ons on the left side under Advanced and choose the one you want.

Click Save.

Note: If these add-ons are already booked in on the booking engine, they will not be included in the online check-in.

Good To Know!

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