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How to upload police reports (Guardia Civil)

In Spain, depending on the location of the property, the hotel needs to send the police reports of the guests. The hotel needs to send guest data to its corresponding police enforcement authority.

How to upload police report to Guardia Civil

Access your reports section on the left side of the screen in your main menu.

In the performance tab, choose the dates and select “send”

This will download the file onto your hard drive that you can access from your downloads.

Upload the file to your Guardia Civil portal

To setup the connection in the RoomRaccoon account we will require:

Your police account ID

Your police account Password

The 3 digit number of the last file that was sent to the police (example: 385)

Please ensure that all guest details marked with an asterisk * are filled in and that the status of the reservation is updated to “Check-in”, otherwise the file will have errors.
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