How to Upgrade a Room Category

Would you like to generate more turnover? With the use of the Upsell feature, you can offer extra services and products to your guests!

Offer an upgrade to a more luxurious room type.
Offer breakfast again for guests who have booked their stay excluding breakfast.
Offer any optional add-ons, such as bikes parking space or a late check-out.

For this feature to work, RaccoonUpsell needs to be activated, to find out how to do this click here. If it is active, learn how to upgrade your Room Categories below.

Steps to Upgrade a Room Category

Select the Accommodation Set-Up icon at the top left of your screen, this will take you to your Categories.

Select Manage Details on the category you would like to upgrade.

Select Upsell under Advanced. (If there is a lock sign your RaccoonUpsell has not yet been activated.)

Click on the Category you want to upgrade.

Enter the amount you would like to add to the current room price per night.

Write a short description as to why guests will benefit from upgrading their stay.

Press Save.

Once saved your Upsell to the left will show that it is active.

When you have created your upgrade you can offer add-ons for your guests at your online check in.
RoomRaccoon will check for availability in the system.
If it is still possible to upgrade the room, the information will be displayed automatically for the guest.

Good to know!

Once you choose to Upsell your Room types, the RaccoonUpsell package will be automatically activated.
Please see our updated pricing policy for RaccoonUpsell here.
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