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How To Update Rates & Availability For The Next Year

Sometimes, guests book more than a year in advance and it can happen that your prices are not set for that period yet.

In RoomRaccoon, it is possible for guests to book two years in advance, so it’s important to keep in mind that your rates and restrictions are set for at least the next year, and that they are communicated to all of your external channels.

Here’s How:

Go to your Rates and Availability overview
Click on the pencil next to the room type to perform a bulk action
Select the period of the next year (bulk actions can be performed for 1 year max).

Click on the main price and enter your amount. (Find out more about rates and restrictions here.

If you have derived prices set up they will automatically adjust when you update your base price.
You can then set your rate to be overridable by any yield rules you set (for example: You can create a rate that includes a discount or increase for 3 days prior to an arrival. This is a great tool for last minute deals or increases during peak periods)

Click Synchronize.

Good To Know!

We also provide the option for the check-in or check-out to be closed on certain days. For example, if you want to differentiate your OTA prices from your own website prices, you can choose to force people who book via an OTA, to stay for at least 2 nights.

You can also choose to close rates on certain channels in certain seasons to direct more traffic to your own website. Find out how here.
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