How To Set Up Your Epson Printer (Italy)

Step 1. Local Network Set-Up (Epson)
Please be aware that RoomRaccoon does not provide support for the local network set-up (Step 1), if you find you require support you can contact the Epson Fiscal Printer department at [email protected]

Download the files listed below from here.

a. Istruzioni Certificati which contains two PDFs, both describing the SSL certificates (Please note these are mainly in Italian)

b. to load onto the printer via the cgi-bin/upload.cgi printer service.

c. which contains a crt file to load onto your browser, simply double-click it.

Files b and c provide support for three DNS names:


The above DNS names need to be added to your PC’s host file or your corporate DNS server if you have one. Of course you can always create your own certificate names, by simply refering to the attached documentation.

Please use the following sequence:

a. SET 34 SSL = 1

Restart the printer.

To connect via HTTPS, choose Proceed.

Upload the via the upload.cgi service.

Verify that the webapp path is empty ( There should not be a file called fiscal_printer.pem since it is copied internally.

Restart your printer once more.

Add the IP address of the printer in hosts file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts) or configure your corporate DNS server if you use one.

Load the Epson_Fiscal_Lab_CA_2038.crt onto your PC by double-clicking the file.

Use URL for example and the certificate error should no longer appear.

Good To Know!

The SSL certificate Epson provides is for Windows and not Apple, for assistance with this you can contact [email protected]

Step 2. How to Configure Your Epson Printer (RoomRaccoon)

Click here and enter the details into the fields provided.

Check that the IP address is correct.
The SSL should be active.
Enter your VAT codes into the Department Ledger section.

Click Save.

Step 3. Test Your Local Network From RoomRaccoon (RoomRaccoon)

When your local network has been set up, do a quick test from your RoomRaccoon PMS, by clicking this link and selecting the Get Printer Status button.

Step 4. Issue and Print Your Receipt (RoomRaccoon)

Open RoomRaccoon using this link

Open a reservation from your Calendar.

Click on the + to issue a new document.

Select Receipt from the document type menu.

Choose the options you want added to the receipt.

Click on Issue document.

Go back to the reservation and click on the printer icon to send the receipt to the printer.
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