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How to Set up the Online Check-in

Create a convenient guest experience with our online check-in feature which allows guests to check-in online before their arrival. This way, you already receive all necessary guest data before arrival and you have more time for your guests at your hotel.

The best feature of online check-in is the opportunity to sell room upgrades and add-ons in the online check-in. Besides this, there is the possibility to ask for payment during the online check-in.

The pre-stay email

We advise you to use the pre-stay email to send the online check-in form, this is an automated process that will save you time and offer a convenient experience for your guest.

To go live with online check-in, follow these steps

Click on the orange gear (bottom left of the screen)

Click on the tab "Documents"

Add the pre-stay email.

Copy the replace tag %onlinecheckinlink% into the custom content and add a nice text.

Click Save.

When the guest receives the pre-stay email, they will have the option to check-in online.

Once they have clicked on the link, they will be redirected to the online check-in page where they will be required to enter the guest information.

Good to know

If you have a specific address for a room type, and you want the Google Maps after the online check-in to be correct, you need to add the document confirming the online check-in and enter the correct address there.

When is the pre-stay email sent to the client? This can be set up in your admin settings in the section called "email".

In order to successfully check-in the guest online, the information about ALL guests included in one reservation must be filled in.
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