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Creating Separate Rate Types for OTAs

In a number of cases you want to use a different room rate per booking channel. For example, you can use an alternative price for Expedia, Hotel Specials or but you can also set an alternative price for non-refundable bookings.

Creating different rate types for your booking channels is the best way to compensate for the commission costs, allowing you to increase the room rate when a booking is made via an online travel agency (OTA).

Setting Up Rates for OTAs

Navigate to room types (key icon) at the top left of your screen which brings you to your Property Details Tab.

You can see your rate types are listed next to each category. Click on add a New Room Rate to create a new rate.

Create a name for your rate, we advise that you name your rate types something like 1 guest (OTA). This reflects in your RoomRaccoon agenda making it easy to see where the booking originated from.

Unique selling point: You do not need to add a unique selling point as the information only shows up on your RoomRaccoon Booking Engine.

Occupancy field: Let RoomRaccoon know for how many guests you are setting this rate type up for. Make sure to fill this in correctly as this will have an influence on the connection to the booking channels as well as your reports.

Derived from field: This is a useful feature when creating prices variable upon your main OTA rate. But if you are creating the main OTA rate (Lowest possible) leave this field blank.

Derived rates react to changes made to another rate type. They listen to their parent rate... Here is an example:

Standard Rate: 1 guest --> 100 - GBP
Derived Rate: 1 guest (OTA) +5 - GBP

Price per night: Set the rate per night. If you do use derived pricing, you simply add the extra charge you want to apply.

Prepayment (Booking Engine only): You do not need to set a pre-payment as this also only has an influence on your RoomRaccoon Booking Engine.

Show in Booking Engine: Leave this field blank as the OTA rate does not need to be visible on your Booking Engine.

Breakfast included (Booking Engine only): This box also only influences how your rate displays on your Booking Engine and has no influence on booking channels, so can be left blank.

Click Save.

Good to know!

Whenever you make changes to your standard rate using the Channel Manager, this will also change the derived rates automatically

You can manage two different rate types, one for your website and a second one for all OTAs or;

You can manage your own rate types for your website and have separate rate types per OTA (for example your own rate type for Expedia and another rate type for

If you use different room rates, make sure that not every room rate is visible in your Booking Engine. Otherwise, the rates specifically for or Expedia will be between the direct prices in the booking engine and that can be confusing for potential guests.

Manage your rate types per channel! Do not derive one channel's rate from another channel’s rate. This way you can easily manage your rate types per channel to compete against each other or you can, for example, set one Yield rule for your direct rates only.

* Many booking channels have a lowest price guarantee that you probably have agreed upon. You can risk becoming excluded from a booking channel if you are in conflict with the agreed upon lowest rate.
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