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How to Set up Restrictions

A restriction can be a minimum or maximum stay with the option for the check-in or check-out to be closed on certain days. For example, if you want to differentiate your OTA prices from your own website prices, you can choose to force people who book via an online travel agency to stay for at least 2 nights. You can also choose to close rates on certain channels in certain seasons to direct more traffic to your own website.

How to set up restrictions

Go to your Rates and Availability overview

Click on the pencil next to the room type you want to set up the restrictions for.

Choose the period and the days of the week.

To close the check in or check-out, make sure you tick the box of the rate you would like to close.

To set up a minimum or maximum length of stay, fill in the amount of days.

Check the summary and click Synchronise.

Good To Know

You can also use default restrictions which are your permanent restrictions you set when setting up your rate. Click here for more on setting default restrictions.

You recognise a restriction by the orange corner in the channel manager.

When you add restrictions in your rates and availability overview you can set them for one year in advance with bulk updates.

Your RoomRaccoon channel manager takes precedence meaning if you want to make an adjustment in prices or restrictions, this must be done in the RoomRaccoon channel manager and NOT in the extranet of the external channel.
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