How to Set Up E-visitor (Croatia)

The eVisitor connection exists to send guest data to the Croatian government. So every time a guest checks in they have to fill in all the data that is required.

To set this up for you. You can open a new ticket and provide us with the following information:



Facility code - Facility code is the code of the object which the tourist is checking in. The object code is given to the object by the e-Visitor system (Objects menu → Select right object → Label). For example: 66913351801–6uSa38NV-facilitycode)

All guest data should be filled in when making the reservations. To ensure that guests fill in mandatory fields you can set this up on account settings. Click here for more on creating mandatory guest fields in the booking engine so that this information is already provided.

Good to know

Should the data not be filled in incorrectly, the system will save everything except for the status which will revert to “reserved”

If your data is valid and the reservation is checked in or checked out then changes will be saved.
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