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How do I set up derived rates?

Here are the steps:

Go to your room types in your property settings (key-icon) 
In the room type you want to have a derived rate, choose the option "New Rate"
Fill the required details of the rate (Name, selling point, restrictions, etc.)
In the option "Derived from", choose from which rate you want the one you are creating to be dependent from
Choose if you want the change to be in percentage or in amount
Choose the amount/percentage of the change and this can be either an increase or decrease in the price. If for example you want to increase 5%, you would need to fill with a "5"; if you want to decrease 5%, you would need to fill with a "-5"

Good to know
It's easier to update rates when they are derived but if you have two groups of derived rates (one for OTAs and another for the booking engine), you can change the prices and restrictions in one group without changing the other. This way you can manage diferent conditions and prices depending on the season.
If you use the Yield tool in the base rate, it will update the price in the base rate and all the derived rates as well.
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