How to Set Up Cleaning Fees

If you have mandatory costs such as cleaning fees, linen or other costs, you can set this so that these costs are added to the reservation. We explain how you can do this! Please note, there is a difference in the mandatory costs for your own booking engine and your rates for the OTA (booking channels)

Booking Engine

Go to the room key at the top left and navigate to add-ons

Create a new add-on with your mandatory costs

When you have created the add-on you can now add it to rates, now navigate at the top to the categories tab

Click on the name of the price type to which you want to add the mandatory costs.

On the right side, you will find 'packages', click on this and choose from 'Show total package price*' or 'Show price excl. add-ons**'

Check the add-on that can be booked extra

Booking channels

Set the mandatory costs at the relevant booking channel

Make sure you have created an add-on that has the exact same name as the booking channel

If the add one has the same name and the guest chooses it, this will automatically be added to the reservation.

So when you have mandatory costs, it is important that you do not use the same price types for your own website, do you do this? Get your channel corrections in the reservation.

Good to know

Show price incl. add-ons = The add-on is now calculated incl. the price per night

Show price excl. add-ons = The add-on is calculated excl. night.
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