How to Set up Children Age for City Tax?

On RoomRaccoon you can set up a max age for children for the purposes of city tax. You will need to add the age that a guest should be considered an adult on your system and when you change the age of a guest to be that of a child, the city tax will be calculated automatically.

How can I set a maximum age of children

Access the Account settings by clicking the gear icon on the bottom left of your screen.

On Account Settings (top right of the screen), enter the max age of children.

Click Save.

Good to know

You can define the amount of the city tax that should be calculated for children during the setup of rate types. We advise you to also make use of the Online Check-in.

With Online check-in, when the guests enter a child’s age, Roomraccoon will correct the city tax automatically for you.

You can also schedule city tax rules. This is recommended when you have to deal with city tax rates dependent on a season or your city tax changes next year. You can schedule city tax rules in account settings too.
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