How to Send ISTAT Data to TURISMO5

Follow these simple steps to load ISTAT data in Turismo5

Turismo5 is used in the following regions

Lombardy Region,

The Piedmont Region,

The Emilia-Romagna Region,

The Marche Region,

The Abruzzo Region,

The Sardinia Region,

The Calabria Region,

The Municipality of Prato,

Municipality of Pistoia,

The Metropolitan City of Florence,

Veneto Region

In RoomRaccoon

The file will be generated if it finds reservations with "check-in done" status and if the country and city of residence have been entered in the guest cards. If this data is present, proceed with the following steps.

Open the "Statistics" section and click on "Import files from Management"

Select the file

Download the file (it is a .zip file containing the .txt file which will be the one to be uploaded to Turismo5)

In Tourism5

Open the "Check-in" section and click on "ISTAT"

Select the file you downloaded from RoomRaccoon and confirm


I have two ISTAT codes in the same RoomRaccoon account, what should I do?

Open a new ticket and we will set up RoomRaccoon for you. When you go to download, you will download a .zip file containing the two files that you will be able to recognize because in the file name there will be the ISTAT code.

Link to access Turismo5 / Gies


Good to know

For more on activating ISTAT, click here.

Reservations should be checked-in or checked out for them to be added.

The guest card must have the country filled in, if it’s Italian the city will be required too.
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