How to Send Data to ISTAT in the Liguria Region

One of the daily bureaucratic activities required is the communication to ISTAT of the data on presences \ arrivals \ departures.

Each region has its own mode and here's how to use RoomRaccoon to communicate data in the Liguria region.

Go to the statistics section and access the "ISTAT" tab

Choose the period and the region \ system used

Download ISTAT

The file that was downloaded is a .zip file that contains a text file for each day. (I advise you to unzip the folder and place it on your desktop.)

The file starts with the ISTAT code of your structure.

Now you can access the ISTAT portal with your credentials and upload the files.

Good to know

We advise you to unzip the .zip file and place it on your desktop

For more on activating ISTAT, click here.

Reservations should be checked-in or checked out for them to be added.

The guest card must have the country filled in, if it’s Italian the city will be required too.
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