How to send a payment request?

Once RaccoonPay has been activated you can easily send an e-mail to the guests asking for a payment.

Activating the payment request

Go to the setting icon at the bottom left and navigate to the Documents tab at the top.
Scroll down until you reach Payment request and click on add new document.
Give the document the correct name (this will also be the subject of the e-mail).
If necessary, add an appropriate text and click on save

Send the payment request
Open the reservation or add a new reservation
At the bottom right of the page you will find the option payment | If the payment request has been activated and an e-mail address is present, you will also see the option payment amount.
The outstanding amount is filled in automatically but you can also request a partial payment. Fill in the box with 0,00 with the desired amount for a partial payment.
Click on the button Request payment for €... and you will see a pop-up with the proposed mail address and click on send.

Good to know
To send a payment request, the reservation must meet the following requirements:
There must be a booker in the reservation with an email address ([email protected] is a fictitious email address).
There must be an outstanding amount in the reservation.
Once the payment request has been sent, it is not immediately visible in the RaccoonPay overview. Only when the guest pays or cancels the payment is it visible in the RaccoonPay overview.
The nationality and language of the guest have to be added during the reservation process, to ensure that the nationality related payment method is available when paying a payment request.
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