How to send a document manually

When you create or cancel a reservation manually, you will also need to send the guest’s document manually.

Step by step

Open the reservation in question from your Agenda.

Scroll down, on the left you will find the Documents.

Select the document you would like to send.

Click on the paper plane next to the document.

Check the email address.

Here you can also create your own custom message in the custom content section.

Once everything is finalised click Save

How to see if a document has been sent?

In the reservation below the Email & print documents in the Sent Documents section you will find a record of all of the documents that have been sent.

Good To Know!

When we get a good understanding of the language from a channel, you can see in the reservation under Booker which language has been selected.
The documents in the reservation will then be displayed in this language and sent, if they are set in this language.
If the guest's language is unknown, you can set a fallback language in your account settings. For example, you can choose to always send an English document.
You can edit the document before sending it to your guest! This enables you to add a personal message!

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