How to Save My Password in Google Chrome

Google Chrome allows you to save your passwords to different accounts and you can save your password with RoomRaccoon with this feature too.

How to save my RoomRaccoon Password on Google Chrome

Click on customise and control (3 dots) on the top right.

Click on Settings.

Click on the Autofill settings.

In the “Autofill” section on the right, click “Passwords”.

At the top of the “Passwords” page, enable the “Offer to Save Passwords” option.

The next time you login to your RoomRaccoon account, your browser will ask you whether you want to save your password. Click Save.

Good to know

Click on the Auto Sign-in checkbox to automatically sign into RoomRaccoon using stored credentials.

Not anyone with access to your browser can view the password you’ve set as you’ll need to provide the admin password before viewing any password you’ve saved on Google.
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