How to Remove a Category in

On the RoomRaccoon connectivity centre, you can remove a room category when managing your listing. Deactivating the listing means that you do not want to sell this category any longer meaning that it is still on however it’s not active.

How to remove a category in

Access your account settings and navigate to the connectivity centre

Click the edit button using the pencil icon on

Choose the category you want to remove in the “Finished” section and click on “Update listing on”

On the listing scroll down until you find the status. Change the status to deactivated.

Click on Update Listing (top right) and your changes will automatically be saved.

Good to know

RoomRaccoon recommends deactivating the room instead of fully deleting it as this means that it will be completely removed from along with all the data such as content and reservations. Click here for more on how to delete a listing

For more on how to manage your content on RoomRaccoon, click here.
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