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How to Overbook Rooms

Overbooking is a feature which allows you to have more bookings than availability as a contingency for cancellations. This is usually used by larger hotels with more flexibility arrangements with other properties so that if there are overbookings they can move guests to other hotels.

This feature is available and optimised for RaccoonRev, for more on this click here.

To set this up, open a new ticket with the overbooking rooms which you would like to create.
We will create the overbooking for you and your Room Types overview will have a duplicate overbooking roomtype. Below is an example of Studio Suites with a overbooking room type.

How do overbookings work?

When the overbooking rooms are set, you will have 'additional rooms' visible in your calendar.

You will now be able to drag the room to an overbooking room. A pop-up will appear to notify you that you are overbooking the room. Once you confirm this, the room will be moved to the overbooking room and the actual room will be bookable again.

Want to move the room back to a room that is included in the occupancy rate? Then you can simply drag the room back.
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