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How to overbook rooms

A functionality that is not suited to all hoteliers. Larger hoteliers often take the risk of selling more rooms than they actually have available. They do this to maximise their occupancy and take last minute cancellations and no-shows into account. Would you like to use this function? Contact our Customer Success Team! This feature is included with RaccoonRev!

How does this work?
When the overbooking rooms are set, you will have 'additional rooms' visible in your calendar.
You will now be able to drag the room to an overbooking room. A pop-up will appear to notify you that you are overbooking the room. Once you confirm this, the room will be moved to the overbooking room and the actual room will be bookable again.
Want to move the room back to a room that is included in the occupancy rate? Then drag it back!

View your occupancy rate clearly per day:
Go to Rates&Availability
You can hover your mouse over the occupancy rate which will enable you to clearly see on which day you have an overbooking or when you have booked above 100%.
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