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How to Manage Rates

How to Manage Rates

You can adjust your rates based on events, seasons or weekends in various ways via the Rates and Availability screen.

Update a single rate for a specific day.

Update multiple rates for a room category.

Here we explain the different ways of using this tool to get the most out of your rate options.

How to update a singular rate for a singular day

Click on the Rates and Availability Icon.

Select the Category you want to adjust and click on the drop down to configure the rates price in the overview.

You can now adjust it accordingly.

How to update a few rates in a specific room type

Select the room category you want to adjust.

Click on the pencil icon to the right of the category.

Enter the dates you want the rate to apply to.

Select the days of the week that you want to have the change for (so if you only want to up your weekend rates, you only select the Friday and Saturday)

Select the rates that you want to update, click on the price and enter the new rate.

You can also just update the restrictions if you want.

Click synchronise to update.

Good to know

Once you have changed your rates in the rates & availability overview, your base rates on rates set-up (property key) will not change. The rates you set on rates and availability are only a modification and do not affect your base rate in your property set up page.

To edit rates and restrictions for all your categories at the same time click on the big pencil icon next to the drop down menu of your categories.

Use the small pencil icon to manage rates and restrictions for a specific category or rate plan.

When you want your rates to be overridable by the yield rule you need to click on the overridable by yield box twice. If you don't want your rates to be Overridable by yield click on the boc once.

To get an indication of why a rate has changed click on show rate history on the top left of your screen and hover over the rate . This will show you the history of the rate, when it was changed and how it was changed.

Updated on: 08/09/2022

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