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How to Manage Failed Payments and Cancelled Reservations

How to Manage Failed Payments and Cancelled Reservations

On the RoomRaccoon reservation overview, you can find all failed or cancelled reservations. Sometimes when guests pay on the booking engine, these payments are not successful due to different reasons. However they will appear on your reservations as cancelled bookings.

This is not an error caused by the RoomRaccoon booking engine but is usually due to the unsuccessful processing of the payment.

These issues usually occur when the PSP (Payment Service Provider) such as Peach Payments is not able to process payments due to missing information or security threats.

Common reasons for unsuccessful payments

When the guest’s card is not enrolled for 3D authentication.

Insufficient funds in the guest’s account.

When the One Time Pin hasn’t been filled in.

The system has detected potential fraud.

To find a failed payment or cancelled reservation

Access reservations (calendar icon on the left side of the screen).

Navigate to the reservation dashboard.

Select the date and see the cancellations in your booking engine performance data.

Click on the reservation number for more details on the booker and the reservation details.

Good to know

Failed payments or cancelled reservations are warm leads you can reconvert as the guest has shown interest to book their stay. Contact guests to assist them to make their booking and send them a payment request.

Updated on: 06/10/2022

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