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How to Manage Electronic Invoices

How to Manage Electronic Invoices

Checking the status of the invoice

Once the invoice has been issued, check the status in the invoice overview

Click on "Statistics"

Open the "Electronic Invoicing" tab

What are the statuses of an invoice?

Red X next to the customer name

There is some mandatory data in the customer card. Check the mandatory data here

Waiting to be sent

Invoices are sent several times during the day. When the invoice has this status it is queued for the next sending.

Approved by SdI

The invoice has been sent to the ES and is awaiting approval


The invoice was rejected by the SdI - Agenzia delle Entrate. Click here for invoice error solutions.


The invoice has been approved by the SdI - Agenzia delle Entrate and you can find it in your tax drawer.

Updated on: 08/08/2022

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